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More About DAWN

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DAWN?

DAWN stands for Disability Advocates: Wisconsin Network. DAWN is part of the Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities three-year State Plan.

DAWN is a grassroots, statewide network of people who care about disability issues. The DAWN will focus on issues affecting people with any kind of disability and will include people with disabilities, family members, friends, organizations and others. This network will allow people throughout the state to stay informed about important public policy issues and will give members of the network information to advocate for these issues.

Dawn will have three parts:

  1. A website, email network, and policy forums on current disability issues
  2. Leadership training for people with disabilities and their family members who want to organize advocacy projects
  3. Grants to help previously trained advocates organize advocacy projects

DAWN will provide you with current information on state and national disability policies and issues. This information can be used to advocate for better disability policies, programs and funding.

How Can I Sign Up for DAWN?

Please use the appropriate on-line sign up form.

Can I Join DAWN if I Do Not Have Email?

The DAWN information on the website is available to anyone who has access to the internet. Many public libraries and local disability agencies can help you get on the internet. The DAWN email network is only available to those with email. You can sometimes receive email for free at public libraries or at local disability agencies

If I have only email, can I receive content from the DAWN Web site?

Yes. A new service, ballanet (http://www.bellanet.org/email.html), is now available that will email Web pages upon request. Simply send email to www4mail@web.bellanet.org with nothing in the cc, bcc, or subject lines and the full URL of the Web page (such as http://www.wcdd.org/dawn/index.cfm) in the body. A short time later, ballanet will email you the text only version of that Web page.

English is not my first language. Can I get DAWN information in another language?

Several free tools exist to help with the translation of web pages. Please try Babel Fish (Alta Vista), Go Translator (Infoseek/Go Network), or Voila.com.

Where Can I get More Information About DAWN?

For more information, please contact Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities.