Apr 29 2013

Urge JFC to Expand Transportation Funding

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Committee Votes Tomorrow – Advocate Now to Improve Transportation!

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) is voting on a budget provision tomorrow, April 30, that could expand transportation grant funding to support programs for people with disabilities and the elderly.

If the Committee votes to create the new Transportation Alternatives Program, grants could be provided for transportation projects to achieve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and for projects and systems that provide safe routes for non-drivers, including people with disabilities and the elderly, to access daily needs.

Funding levels for the new grant program will also be decided tomorrow.

If this issue is important to you, contact members of JFC immediately and tell them to support Alternative A 2 of the Legislative Fiscal Bureau Paper #647 to expand transportation grant programs and to fully fund the program.

Thank you for advocating to improve transportation for people with disabilities in Wisconsin!



Sharon McNeiley

Sharon McNeiley wrote on 05/01/13 3:58 PM

I advocate for Disabled individuals, their needs along with mine that also are others. Iam disabled. I think we should have 24/7 transportation. I am in DePere/Green Bay area. Para-transit requires 24 hr notice and then most of the time it is their times. The buses do no run after 6pm on Saturday nor on Sunday nor Holidays The biggest discrimination of disabled people. We don't have lives on Holidays? We can't attend church or an activity on Sunday. We can't have a late night because we are disabled. I'm 56 and have to leave activies by 8 to make transfers and get home or no ride - bus or para-transit. And dont dare take a bus because something fun came up at the spur of the moment, if you do para transit wont let you use there services which require a minimum of 24 hr. notice. then they want you to take the bus all the time. That is terrible. So the following week you need to get groceries and it will 90 degees every day and with heat intolerance you can't take bus you need para-transit. So many things that is absolute discrimination.

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