Apr 15 2013

Testify at the Joint Finance Committee Hearing in Baldwin

Posted by Chris Thomas-Cramer at 11:21 AM
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Tell Committee Members about the Issues Important to You!

The Joint Finance Committee will hold a hearing on the Governor’s proposed state budget in Baldwin Wisconsin on Thursday April 18. The hearing will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Baldwin Woodville High School Auditorium  located at 1000 13th Avenue, Baldwin, WI  54002. 

Please attend this hearing and raise your voice about disability issues! It is very important that members of the Joint Finance Committee hear from disability advocates so people with disabilities and their families are not forgotten as the next state budget is developed.

Panels will be organized for this hearing so groups can testify together about specific topics. If you are interested in being a panel member for one or more of the topics below, please contact John Shaw at john1.shaw@wisconsin.gov or (608) 266-7707. People who express interest in being on a panel will have the opportunity to participate in a strategy call next week. Panels will be organized for the following topics:

• Family Care/IRIS expansion
• Education funding and special needs vouchers
• Increasing Integrated Employment
• Reducing waitlists for Children's Long-Term Supports
• Transportation
• Medicaid expansion
• Employment

Click the links above and check out policy papers about each topic. The policy papers contain background information and explain why each topic is important to people with disabilities. The papers also provide specific recommendations about what the Legislature can do to address these issues.

If you don’t want to participate on a panel, or if you want to testify about a topic that isn’t listed above, you can still make a difference. This is your opportunity to testify about the issues important to you!


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