Apr 22 2013

Tell Your Story Through Better Together

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Story Booth to Make Stop at Circles of Life Conference

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD) recently launched a new initiative, “Better Together: Sharing stories, sharing lives.” Better Together aims to increase public awareness and understanding of the ways people with developmental disabilities of all kinds contribute to community life. Throughout 2013, Better Together will celebrate the many ways the people of Wisconsin come together to support one another by collecting and sharing your stories.

You can tell your story now! BPDD is sounding the call for stories and anyone can participate. People who live with – or have been influenced by – someone with a developmental disability can visit the BPDD on Facebook to share their story and learn more. If you know someone who has a story to tell, please let them know about Better Together!

Also, BPDD will be collecting stories from around the state using a traveling story booth. Visitors to the booth can tell their story through words, pictures or video. Photos and stories will be shared on the BPDD’s Facebook page and videos will be posted on BPDD’s YouTube channel.

The story booth will be making a stop later this week at the Circles of Life Conference in Stevens Point. If you plan on attending the conference and would like to tell your story, contact Joe Luther at 2jluther@gmail.com. The story booth will also be at Family Fun Night during the conference, so be sure get your photo taken, too!



Donna Loew

Donna Loew wrote on 04/24/13 11:03 AM

My daughter Tammy has been very determined since her birth. She wants to be involved and tries to help the world understand how important every individual is. In November of 2001 she was present when Gov. Scott McCallum signed the bill enabling everyone to be able to purchase their fishing license in the same environments, (bait shops) instead of the courthouse. She with assist from her parents, and Rep. Tom Sykora, pushed to make this bill a reality after two years of legislative paperwork. Tammy's favorite question is "why."
Kinsley Tarr

Kinsley Tarr wrote on 05/20/13 3:33 PM

I am Kinsley Tarr. I have CP. I try to help people with disabilities by checking bathrooms for accessibility when I go places. As someone in a chair, this is one of my missions in life. I also work and help to let people know that persons with disabilities can work too. I want to help encourage employers to hire people with disabilities to see their ABILITIES not the disabilities. Mostly I see that everywhere I go people could be hiring people like me. It may be more difficult at first, but I know it can make a difference not only to that one person, but to the whole community.

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