May 30 2013

Tell Your Legislators to Support Families of Children with Disabilities

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JFC to meet next week – contact your legislators now!

Next week, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) will address the Department of Health Services budget, which includes children's long-term supports. Currently there is no motion to increase funding for children's long-term supports, which would take children with the most significant disabilities off wait lists and keep families together. Now is the time to take action on the children’s long-term supports waiting list!

The Survival Coalition proposes increasing funding to take an additional 1,000 families off the waiting list. Survival also proposes increasing funding  to provide for short-term service coordination for an additional 600 families so they can be connected with services outside the children’s long-term care system.

Legislators need to hear from families in Wisconsin who are waiting for – and need access to – children’s long-term care supports. Legislators also need to hear from families who have received long-term care support and how it has helped them. If this issue is important to you, tell your legislators to contact JFC members and request a motion to increase funding for children’s long-term supports.

Go here for your legislators’ contact information.

For more information about this topic, check out the Long-Term Supports for Children policy brief.



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