Jun 3 2013

Tell Your Legislators to Expand Family Care

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JFC to meet tomorrow – contact your legislators now!

Tomorrow the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) is scheduled to decide whether Family Care/IRIS can expand to seven counties in northeast Wisconsin. Family Care/IRIS provides community-based services to people with disabilities and older adults who need long-term support so they don’t have to live in institutions. Right now, waits for supports in those northeastern counties can last 10 years or more. Use DAWN’s easy Take Action tool now to contact your legislators and tell them to support Family Care expansion!

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s Budget Paper #327 cites several arguments in favor of the expansion of Family Care to northeast Wisconsin:
  • Equal treatment of counties – the State has approved all previous requests for expansion from other counties
  • Equal opportunity for consumers – residents of the northeast counties do not have the same opportunity to receive Family Care and IRIS as other people in Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin’s commitment to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – the Department of Health Services (DHS) made a formal commitment to the federal government to make Family Care statewide
  • Cost savings – DHS capped Family Care expansion in 2011 in order to develop and implement cost savings strategies, which are now in place
  • Unfair burden on taxpayers – taxpayers in the northeast counties have been helping to cover the cost of these programs in other counties for over a decade but are not receiving the benefits themselves; that’s not fair
If you think Family Care should be expanded to northeast Wisconsin, contact your legislators now using the Take Action tool!


Vicky Gunderson

Vicky Gunderson wrote on 06/03/13 9:10 AM

Everyone has the right to live a quality life. Family Care is the option for EVERY PERSON to live that quality life with the people they want in their lives. The outcomes of a person receiving supports/services from someone they know or choose results in so many benefits for the member/consumer. Some of those are quality living, comfort being able to stay in their own home, trusting those that are providing their supports/services, and the choice of who provides their supports/services. The success that has been seen in other WI counties which are eligible for Family care should be offered to all WI counties. It is about the person!

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