Mar 26 2013

Survey: Special Needs Vouchers

Posted by Chris Thomas-Cramer at 3:43 PM
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Tell Legislators if You Oppose or Support Vouchers

Gov. Walker’s proposed biennial budget would create a special needs vouchers education program.


Parents throughout Wisconsin have indicated their concern about special needs vouchers. They are concerned about students and parents losing their essential IDEA rights, the cherry-picking of students with less significant disabilities, a lack of qualified teachers and therapists, and the drain on scarce funding from local public schools to unaccountable private settings. Many people believe this controversial proposal should be removed from the state budget and debated separately.


A short on-line survey was designed to gather statewide feedback on special needs vouchers to share with media and policymakers. Parents, community members, educators, school officials, and others are strongly encouraged to take the survey and share it with others.



Lika Phipps

Lika Phipps wrote on 03/30/13 12:49 AM

Actually, cherry picking mildly special needed child like my own son won't be doing anyone any favors. My son cannot work without a special teacher, yet is way above the standard of those who are mentally retarded in any way. He would fall through the cracks, because he wouldn't be able to perform in a voucher school w/o special supports, but yet way too high to be in with very special needs. The borderline students would suffer, or would not have the choice to be in a voucher school.

On top of which, segregating the special needs isn't the right path to go. All of the students need to realize that there are those with different skill levels.

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