Mar 27 2013

Report: Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign

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In October, BPDD conducted the Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness that every adult with a disability can participate in gainful employment and have a meaningful job in the community.

People with disabilities who participated in the campaign had their legislator visit them at work. During the visit, the person with a disability had an opportunity to show their skills, introduce their co-workers, and talk about why their job is important to them.

In 2012, the second year of the campaign, 40 legislators visited 62 people with disabilities who have community-integrated jobs. Feedback from people who were involved with the campaign was very positive. When asked how they would rate their visit with their legislator, 100% of the people with disabilities who participated in the campaign and responded to our survey said “successful.” When asked if they felt more engaged in the legislative process because of the visit, 81% said “yes.”

Gov. Scott Walker participated again this year and visited Patrick Young at Tailored Label Products in Menomonee Falls. Patrick has been an employee at Tailored Label Products for over eight years and his passion for his job often motivates his co-workers. “With more employers like this across the state we can have more individuals with developmental disabilities play a very productive role in our society and also help the profitably of a company,” Walker said. “It’s a good example that with the right work environment and relationships, it’s not only a win for people like Patrick, but also his employer.”

Sen. Robert Jauch, who also participated for the second time, visited Mike Grandt in Hurley, where Mike owns a small business that specializes in wood cutting and wood supplying. “Our policies of independent living and full inclusion into the community have made Wisconsin a more humane, healthier, and happier society,” said Sen. Jauch. “Community-integrated employment promotes economic self-sufficiency, enables individuals to participate fully in our communities, and gives them self-respect.”

The complete 2012 Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign Report is available.

BPDD will conduct the campaign again in 2013. If you or someone you know would like to participate, please contact Joshua Ryf at



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