Mar 27 2012

Public Comments on Personal Care Provider Travel Rate Cuts - Due 3-30-12

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Agencies providing Medicaid personal care services receive reimbursement for the time it takes direct service workers to travel to people’s homes.

The Department of Health Services (DHS) plans to reduce the reimbursement for travel on April 1, 2012. The reduction in travel reimbursement rates could impact people receiving services because some agencies anticipate that they will have to stop serving some people.

DHS plans to implement the following:

  • Pay urban providers half the current rate.
  • Cap urban providers at 2 hours of travel time per consumer per day.
  • Cap rural providers at 3 hours of travel time per consumer per day.  The first two hours would be paid the full rate. The last hour would be paid half rate.

Rural providers who travel less than 3 hours per person per day would be reimbursed the full rate.

DHS may consider changing their plans based on comments they receive by March 30th. DHS seeks input from individuals receiving personal care services about the impacts of the proposal travel reimbursement cuts. Comments can be submitted to the DHS Secretary at and



GinaMaria Opalescent

GinaMaria Opalescent wrote on 03/28/12 5:21 PM

There are already Federal and State guidelines for reimbursement for travel. Leave the rates as they are.

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