May 25 2012

New Maureen Arcand Chapter and Short Survey

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The latest chapter in Maureen Arcand's journey into aging with cerebral palsy (CP) is available! In Still Looking Ahead, Maureen describes the changes in her abilities, how she copes, and how she continues to have control over her life. Like Maureen’s other chapters, Still Looking Ahead is a must-read for anyone who will embark on the journey into aging with CP.

Also, before Maureen writes her next chapter, we are seeking feedback from readers. If you have read any of Maureen's previous work, please complete this very short survey so her next chapter can be even better!



Richard McCollum

Richard McCollum wrote on 06/03/13 9:43 PM

I' am 87 years old with CP, thank you so much for the new chapter

Suzanne wrote on 06/18/13 1:51 PM

We found this site by looking for octogenarians with CP. In searching for CP support, the sites found almost always focus on children and we began wondering how many people with CP lived into their 80's.
The first search results found were news reports about a man with CP who had celebrated his 80th birthday. Suzanne is 81 and we thought surely there must be others.
The affected muscles are different but her general aging process is the same as what Maureen has written about. The toughest part has been grieving each successive loss of ability to do things after a lifetime of working to overcome the handicaps.

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