May 16 2013

Medicaid Expansion – Covering More People for Less Money

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Use the hotline to easily contact your legislator!

Wisconsin currently faces an important decision about the future of health care for all Wisconsin residents, including people with disabilities. Taking advantage of federal funding to expand Medicaid has the potential to guarantee health care coverage to more people with disabling conditions than ever before. In addition, the state has estimated that allowing the federal government to cover 100% of costs to expand Medicaid could save Wisconsin taxpayers close to $100 million. People with disabilities and many of those who work with them struggle to afford premiums and extremely high co-pays and deductibles for medical care and prescription drug costs that are necessary for them to stay healthy and keep working. Expansion of Medicaid could provide them with the affordable care they need.

The Joint Finance Committee is currently developing the 2013-2015 State Budget and one of the options they may consider is expanding Medicaid in Wisconsin. 

Now is the time to contact your legislator about this important issue and it is easy to do! AARP Wisconsin has made their legislative toll-free number available to people who wish to contact their legislator in support of Medicaid Expansion. Just call 1-800-844-2847 and follow the simple steps provided. After entering your zip code, your call will automatically be re-directed to your legislator’s office.

If you are interested in learning more about this issue, including covering more people for less Wisconsin taxpayer funds, check out the Medicaid & Health Care policy paper.



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