May 15 2013

Make Sure Students with Disabilities are Not Forgotten

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Decisions about school funding are being made now – contact your legislator!

General education funding is very important for the quality education of students with disabilities. Students with disabilities need additional supports in school, like assistive technology, specialized instruction, and therapies. Costs for these supports are rising.

Last week, Wisconsin got good news – there are new revenues to help fund necessary items in the state budget. The Joint Finance Committee is currently addressing the state budget, including the new revenues. Many advocates think this additional money should go toward public schools and include a boost in special education funding, which has dropped drastically over the last 20 years. Disability advocates believe that a boost in public education funding should include a specific increase for students with disabilities.

Now is the time to contact members of the Joint Finance Committee and your legislator! Ask them to remember students with disabilities who attend public schools when they develop the state budget and allocate the new revenues. The state could help districts by paying at least $.30 of every dollar (30% reimbursement) that a local district pays for special education services. In addition, it would cost the state just $1.5 million (a fraction of the new revenues just announced) to support districts with high-cost students.

Share the Special Education Funding policy paper with your legislator and the Joint Finance Committee.

Thank you for advocating for students with disabilities in Wisconsin!



Queen Shakia Turner

Queen Shakia Turner wrote on 05/16/13 10:05 AM

I feel that students with Mental Health and Any Disabilities need additional supports in schools.
Laureen Chagnon

Laureen Chagnon wrote on 05/16/13 2:14 PM

The public schools are getting more and more stressed and overwhelmed, since MORE and more students with disabilities are entering the school system. The discouraging thing is money and resources for the disability are going down each year. This is the opposite that needs to occur. PLEASE, for the sake of our future generations, allocate 30% reimbursement to the schools (which would cost the state only 1.5 million). This is money well placed!

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