Jan 3 2013

Let DHS Know About Transportation Issues

Posted by Chris Thomas-Cramer at 5:18 PM
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Family Care Participants Can Help Improve Transportation Services

Family Care participants who do not receive adequate transportation services should contact the Department of Health Services (DHS). DHS will follow-up on individual cases to ensure necessary transportation is provided. DHS staff need to have as much information as possible to resolve problems, including the names of:

• the Family Care participant,
• the Managed Care Organization, and
• the Assisted Living Facility involved (if relevant).

Please send this information, and details about the transportation issue, via email to Margaret.Kristan@Wisconsin.Gov. After receiving the information, Ms. Kristan or another staff person will contact the individual involved.

To improve services, it is important that DHS hears about problems regarding transportation. Communicating your concerns will benefit the individuals involved as well as other Family Care participants.


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