May 24 2013

JFC to Vote on Education Budget Wednesday

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Contact your legislators and advocate for students with disabilities!

The Joint Finance Committee (JFC) will address public education funding on Wednesday, May 29. Now is the time to contact your legislators and ask them to do what’s best for students with disabilities in Wisconsin. Use DAWN’s easy Take Action tool!

JFC will address three important budget items that will affect students with disabilities – general school aids, special needs scholarships (school vouchers), and categorical aids (special education funding). When you contact your legislators, you can consider making the following requests:

1. General school aids – support Alternative B9 in Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) Paper #505. This option would increase the per pupil revenue limit by $200 for the next two years.

2. Special needs scholarships – support Alternative 4 in LFB Paper #517. This option would delete the provision in the state budget for special needs scholarships.

3. Categorical aids – ask for an increase in special education aid to local school districts from 26% to 30%. Currently, the options before JFC don’t include an increase in special education funding.

4. High-cost students – ask for a $1.5 million increase in the state’s commitment each year of the biennium for high-cost special education (students whose costs are $30,000 or more per year to educate).

DAWN has an easy-to-use Take Action tool for you to contact your legislators. The tool includes the talking points above and allows you to add your own messages.

You can also contact members of JFC directly.



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