Feb 26 2013

Federal Budget Crisis: Speak Out Now

Posted by Chris Thomas-Cramer at 3:26 PM
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Programs for People with Disabilities Will be Cut Unless Congress Acts

Contact your members of Congress now and ask them to prevent a 10% budget cut to programs that provide supports and services to people with disabilities!

People with disabilities will be impacted in a variety of ways if Congress and the President do not reach an agreement to change current law. An automatic 10% cut in federal funding for discretionary programs will go into effect on Friday, Mar. 1 unless Congress and the President can agree to a solution.

Unlike entitlements such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, discretionary programs get a fixed sum of funding. If funds are cut, Wisconsin will receive less federal aid to support a wide range of programs serving people with disabilities. Employment services such as those offered by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and other job training programs will be cut. At least $18 million in general and special education federal funding will be cut, along with housing supports.

The Wisconsin state budget cannot make up the loss in federal funding. Congress and the President need to hear from disability advocates about the impact of these cuts.

Please make your opinion heard. Contact your Congressional representative through the House of Representatives website. Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Tammy Baldwin also need to hear from you. Contact President Obama on his website.

Thank you for your advocacy.



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