Nov 14 2012

Contact Congressional Reps Now on Fiscal Cliff

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Critical Programs Supporting People with Disabilities at Stake

On Jan.2,automatic budget cuts from Congress will slash programs that support people with disabilities: Medicaid, special education, employment resources, housing assistance, and more. Nearly $1 billion will be cut from special education alone.

Balancing the budget is important, but services and supports for people with disabilities is not an area to cut. If you agree, send a letter to your representatives now.

More than 50 million Americans live with disability, including millions of children. These cuts would devastate supports like Birth to 3 services and public education funds, as well as the supports that allow adults with disabilities to fully participate in community life.

Don't wait until it's too late - advocate now to preserve programs that support people with disabilities!



Joanne Schehl

Joanne Schehl wrote on 11/14/12 9:50 PM

In a country as big and powerful as we are,
it would be a disgrace to turn our backs on children and adults with disabilities. Severe financial cuts would lower their chances of having the best quality of life possible.
There are other ways of cutting back with out taking from them.
Preserve the programs that support people
with disabilities.
Thank you.

Joanne Schehl

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