Jun 6 2013

Committee to Vote on Photo ID Bill Next Week

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Bill could make voting more difficult for people with disabilities

Next week, the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections will vote on Assembly Bill 225, which includes provisions that could impact voting accessibility for people with disabilities.

The bill mandates that citizens present a photo ID to vote. Some people with disabilities don’t have a  photo ID because – due to transportation challenges – they cannot get to the Department of Motor Vehicles, especially during office hours.

The bill also restricts the hours of in-person absentee voting. People with disabilities are more likely than people without disabilities to vote in-person with an absentee ballot. People with disabilities utilize absentee ballots because it can be difficult to secure transportation on Election Day. Also, absentee ballots allow people with disabilities to avoid waiting in long lines, which can cause undue mental and physical stress. People who live in larger municipalities will be most-impacted by this restriction, since larger municipalities often hold weekend or extended evening hours to accommodate their larger populations.

If you have concerns about this bill, use DAWN’s easy Take Action tool to contact your Assemblyperson today! 


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