Nov 22 2009

Changes to Pre-Vocational Services - Consensus Reached

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The Department of Health Services (DHS) has proposed a change in the definition of Pre-Vocational services.  It wants to limit the time a person with disabilities will be able to stay in this funding category.  This change has raised many questions and concerns.  The following documents provide the facts about this change: 

The Department of Health Services (DHS) is seeking comments on RFW’s proposed changes.  Comments are due by the end of business, Friday, Nov. 13, 2009.  Please send comments to Jim Hoegemeier at Arc-WI: who will forward to DHS.


Leslie R Davis

Leslie R Davis wrote on 11/05/09 10:54 PM

Question, What if you have a 38 y/o son who has a very rare disease that affects his ability to speak because he lacks the neuro-transmittors that allow the brain to communicate with the rest of his body in a normal mannor? His medication costs over $22,000 a month. The price is based on the price of gold. Some times the meds don't work and he is unable to swollow or walk. He does like his work in the sheltered work shop and has told his SW that he does not want to work out side the SWS. He gets asked every six months if he would like supported work out side the SWS, he says no! How will he be helped to stay at the SWS with what little he gets as the disabled child of a disabled parent?
Kay Broeske

Kay Broeske wrote on 11/13/09 12:48 PM

We are the parents of a special needs daughter who has been going to a workshop for eight years.She is very capable of being out in the community with the help of supportive employment.The agency she was involved with closed because of budget cuts and funding.Please don't take these opportunities through sheltered workshops away from her and other people who succeed and give their lives meaning and purpose.

DAWN wrote on 11/23/09 11:23 AM

Consensus was reached Friday, November 20, 2009 on a new definition of Pre-Vocational Services between provider members of RFW, Disability Rights WI, the Board for People with DD and the Dept. of Health Services. The press release announcing the agreement and it's content is posted above.

The new definition will have to be approved by CMS at the federal level. But under the agreement, Community Rehab Programs will continue to exist. People receiving Pre-Voc services will continue to receive those services in the setting they want.
Deborah Reed

Deborah Reed wrote on 05/04/12 11:34 PM

Does Prevoc mean i would have to do piece rate work again in a sheltered workshop?

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