Mar 27 2013

Better Together

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BPDD recently launched “Better Together: Sharing stories, Sharing lives.” Better Together is a public awareness initiative that celebrates the many ways the people of Wisconsin come together to support one another across their professional and personal lives. Throughout 2013, the initiative will use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spotlight the importance of including people with disabilities in community life by collecting and sharing stories from those whose lives have been touched by disability.

Part of the story collection will include the Better Together Booth, which is a transportable booth that can be set-up anywhere, anytime. Inside the booth, people who are “Better Together” can have their photo taken. The photos will be posted on BPDD’s Facebook page where people can tag their photos and share them with their friends. The booth will also be used to collect video interviews with people who want to tell their story. The booth will be making appearances at various events around the state, so if you have an idea for an event that the Better Together Booth should stop at, email Joshua Ryf at

You don’t have to wait for the booth, though – story collection is happening right now! If you have a family member, friend, co-worker or employee who lives with, or has been influenced by, someone with a developmental disability, visit the BPDD on Facebook to share your story and to learn more. Just click the "Better Together" tab.



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