Jun 17 2013

Ask your Senator to expand Family Care

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Senate to vote next; take action now!

When the Assembly is done addressing the 2013-2015 State Budget, it will be sent to the Senate. The final decision on Family Care/IRIS expansion will be made by the Senate. There is still a chance to end wait lists for people with disabilities and aging Wisconsin residents with long-term support needs so they can stay in their communities. Contact your Senator now using our take action tool.  

Here are some points you can make:

  • It is just not fair that where you live determines your right to receive essential long-term supports. Supports are already available in 57 counties.
  • Residents in the seven northeast counties have done all the work necessary to go into the program, including county resolutions and planning grant participation. They are ready to end wait lists so people who need long-term supports to stay in their homes get them without delay.
  • Family Care/IRIS saves money; home and community-based care are cheaper than instructional care.
  • There is no additional cost in this budget cycle. The money put in by the counties offsets the state revenue.

Take action now and contact your Senator if you think Family Care/IRIS should be available to all Wisconsin residents. 

For more information about this issue, go here



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