Sep 14 2012

Ask Your Legislator to Take Action on LogistiCare

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If you have concerns about LogistiCare, contact your legislator and ask for an audit!

Many people with disabilities across Wisconsin have expressed concern about LogistiCare - the state’s new Non-Emergency Medical Transportation contract. Now people with concerns have an opportunity to ask their legislators to take action.

LogistiCare is used by many people with disabilities who live in Wisconsin and are on Medicaid programs. This service is intended to help people get to their medical appointments, including regular check-ups, dialysis, and other lifesaving and life-improving treatments. Since the contract began, there have been numerous reports of individuals who have not received service because:

  • LogistiCare has said there are no providers available,
  • there are difficulties in scheduling trips, or
  • the ride arrives too late or not at all, so an appointment is missed altogether.

If you have had a personal experience with LogistiCare or have concerns about this service, share your story with your legislator and ask them to sign on to a letter requesting an audit of the LogistiCare contract. An audit can help determine where people can go when they have problems and ensure the program is running in a cost-effective way that meets people’s needs.

Contact your legislator now! Legislators must take action and sign on to the audit request by September 19. Find out who your legislator is and how to contact them.



Louann Davidson

Louann Davidson wrote on 09/22/12 1:38 AM

Can't get help with medical rides that come up after hours, but are needed, yet "non emergency". Have had to call 911 for "emergency" transportation because needed medical care after hours/weekends or can't wait 48 hours, and of course there are times we NEED medical care but its NOT an emergency. Even when I was told by the doctor on call that I could be having a blood clot in my head, the doctor said come on in for an exam, but I was told it wasn't an "emergency" that required immediate transportation because it could also have been a "migraine headache". It was after the city buses stopped running, it wasn't possible for me to pay for a cab... LogistiCare told me to wait until the next day during hours and make an appointment with a doctor!!!! I could have been dead the next day!

Also, I gave up on trying to get appropriate rides set up for my wheelchair bound autistic son. He can't ride in vans, but can transfer well into a sedan. LogistiCare routinely sent vans, in spite of my having a note from my son's doctor.

I gave up using "rides" as often as possible and began to receive bus passes to use mass transit every chance I could: for the last three months LogistiCare simply DID NOT send the requested bus passes! First month, I never got the passes, the next month, I got the letter telling me to use the "enclosed passes" but there were NO PASSES enclosed. LogistiCare promised to look into it AND to call me back that day. Yeah, two months ago, and of course its their word against mine as to whether there were bus passes or not. They win. I lose. And they get paid either way, whether or not they provide the services they are contracted to provide!

I have ended up having to pay for my own transportation to medical appointments... the consumers who are legally guaranteed transportation to medical appointments get screwed, cheated, and LogistiCare gets richer. Who has the power here? Who is benefitting? LogistiCare.

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