Oct 23 2012

Advocate for Critical Transportation Funds

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Take action now and raise your voice about public transportation funding

Public transportation, including paratransit, and other specialized transportation services are critical for people with disabilities to get to work, get to important medical appointments, and participate in community life. In the previous two-year budget (2011-2013), public transportation was cut by 10%.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) has not yet submitted its final budget recommendations for 2013-2015, so there is still time to influence how much the state spends on public transportation and specialized transportation systems. Advocate on this issue and improve public transportation for people with disabilities in Wisconsin!

Call or email the DOT to let them know how important transportation options are to you. You can encourage the DOT to restore the 10% cut to public transportation. You can also encourage them to increase funding for specialized transportation programs for counties that help fill the gaps in service.

To advocate on this issue, contact DOT Secretary Mark Gottlieb with your comments at mark.gottlieb@dot.wi.gov or (608) 266-1114.

Check out the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities’ 2013-2015 Budget Platform or People First Wisconsin’s 2013-2015 Wisconsin Self-Advocate State Budget for more information about transportation.



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