Jan 25 2013

Advocacy Resource: Special Needs School Vouchers Fact Sheet

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Use this fact sheet to educate yourself and your legislators!

Special needs school vouchers are likely to be part of the 2013-2015 state budget discussions.

A new fact sheet about school vouchers is available. School Vouchers: Ensuring Quality Education Choices for Wisconsin Families of Children with Disabilities: Concerns About Special Needs “Scholarships” provides important information that will help disability advocates educate themselves and their legislators about how this issue could affect students with disabilities in Wisconsin.

The fact sheet contains the following information:

  • Background on school vouchers
  • What families and students give up when they accept a voucher
  • What has happened in other states
  • Concerns about school vouchers for Wisconsin
  • Recommendations on ways to improve school choice for students with disabilities

This fact sheet is part of the “2013 Priorities for People with Disabilities in Wisconsin” series and was created jointly by the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and Disability Rights Wisconsin.

Please share this important advocacy resource with others.

Thank you for being a disability advocate!



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