Dec 14 2009

Action Alert: Wisconsin Parity Act

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The Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Health and Healthcare Reform will hold an Executive Session on the Wisconsin Mental Health and Substance Abuse Parity Act (SB-362/AB-512) at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 17 in Room 417 North (GAR Hall) of the state Capitol building.

Committee members will vote on passage of the legislation out of this committee and on to the full Assembly for its consideration. The Wisconsin Parity Act is an important bill that will require group health plans in Wisconsin to provide mental health and substance abuse disorder benefits at parity levels. This new law will increase treatment for hundreds of thousands of people in Wisconsin, saving lives and lowering costs. For more information on the legislation, visit

Action Requested
Call or email your Wisconsin representative on the Assembly Committee on Health and Healthcare Reform TODAY and ask them to vote to pass the Wisconsin Parity Act onto the floor.

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Victoria Carlson

Victoria Carlson wrote on 01/06/10 9:11 PM

Dear Congressmen
I have been retired now for 12 years and on Medicare. This fall I had to have my cochlear implant replaced and a new hearing aid for the other ear. Total out of the pocket cost came $3,500 just because Medicare would not pay for them. Medicare will pay for all the needs for the crippled , so they should also pay for those expensive hearing aids for the hard of hearing.
Being hard of hearing is a disability too so we should be treated the same.

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