Seven Things I Do To Stay Happy

We live in an incredibly negative society. So how can you stay positive through it all? Here are six things I do to maintain a positive outlook when everything seems so bad.

1. Limit the amount of bad news in my life.

While I want to stay knowledgeable on everything that’s happening, sometimes a headline enough to know what’s going on. I limit the amount of time I spend with the Internet, TV, and radio selecting only a few stories to read completely.

2. Limit the amount of negative people in your life.

So many people talk to me about their problems, and some days have more negativity than others. But I can choose how much time I spend with friends and family members that dwell on the bad things. As painful as it could be at times, my calendar may not open people who always bum me out.

3. Have more music.

For me, positive music that plays in the car or at work is a great way to make me feel better. I love to listen to spiritual music and positive, upbeat artists like Karen Drucker. I can feel blissful and happy with just a few clicks on my phone.

4. Meditate.

Awareness of breath, my food while eating, a yellow flower, a white cloud in the sky, the chirping of a bird — these things can all bring me into a deeper awareness of the moment and make me feel more present.

6. Be Grateful. 

When you have gratitude for everything in your life, you will receive more of what you are grateful for. When you count your blessings, you will have more blessings to count.

7. Dance.

There is nothing better than throwing a spontaneous dance party in my underwear. I love to turn on some Bruno Mars and strut around the house. It makes me feel good!