How To Find Support for Addiction

October 6, 2017 Recovery 0

  Addiction is a serious and often debilitating series of issues that can be difficult for a person to overcome on their own. This is why it is crucial to have a solid support system in place when you are on your recovery journey. So, how can you find support for overcoming addiction?   Inpatient… Read more

Seven Things I Do To Stay Happy

May 15, 2017 Positivity 0

We live in an incredibly negative society. So how can you stay positive through it all? Here are six things I do to maintain a positive outlook when everything seems so bad. 1. Limit the amount of bad news in my life. While I want to stay knowledgeable on everything that’s happening, sometimes a headline… Read more

7 Ways I Became More Positive

March 1, 2017 Positivity 0

Let’s face it. We all live hectic lives, and we all have our unique sets of challenges. I have always struggled with alcoholism. That is my challenge. And before my sobriety, I was the most negative person I knew. When people used to tell me to think positive, I used to tell them to go… Read more

Why Positive Thinking is Essential for Recovery

February 20, 2017 Positivity 0

Your entire experience and perception of the world is going to be affected by the way that you think about it. If you are constantly thinking about life as a miserable struggle, you are going to find that it starts to look that way. Life will reflect back to you the things that you are… Read more

My Story

February 10, 2017 Personal 0

My name is Dawn Summers, and I am a recovered alcoholic and drug addict. My struggle with addiction started 20 years ago when I was 12 years old and my friend and I broke into her dad’s liquor cabinet. I can honestly look back and pinpoint my battle to that one moment when I first… Read more